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Attorney general to review
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NDP Files Complaint Against Judge in Katelynn Case
Will Katelynn's Death Be a Turning Point?
Attorney General to Review Kid Protection Law
Attorney general to review kid protection law
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Published: Saturday, August 16, 2008

The death of seven-year-old Katelynn Sampson's has prompted Ontario's Attorney General Chris Bentley to review legislation aimed at protecting vulnerable children, a spokesman said Friday.

Katelynn's battered body was found by police Aug. 2 in her caregiver's apartment. Police characterized her death as among the worst cases of child abuse they've seen in decades.

Bentley will "work closely" with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to find ways to improve child protection, Murphy said.

He said the review would look at how service providers and legislation work together and attempt to make "that system work together better."

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